Club presentation


Strasbourg Eaux-Vives is a sports association affiliated to the French Federation of Canoe-Kayak and Paddle Sports and a member of the French School of Canoe-Kayak.

Originally we were a section of the ASCS (Sports Association of the Strasbourg Rail-workers) created in 1935. In the year 2000 we became independent under the name Strasbourg Eaux-Vives (SEV).

Over the years competition has been the driving force of the club. Strasbourg Eaux-Vives practices two disciplines at national and international levels by our best competitors : Wild Water Racing and sprint.

Strasbourg Eaux-Vives is also a canoe-kayak school who welcomes children and adults from complete beginners to those wishing to excel in the sport. As well as numerous volunteers the club employs state qualified canoe-kayak professionals. Together we work to enable you to discover and enjoy this wonderful Watersport !